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Special offer, valid until 18.12.19: Impending Prescription of outstanding debts

Impending Prescription? Make your outstanding debts ready for the annual financial statement!

The end of the year is close and you still have outstanding debts? Now it is the right time to act.

You should especially have an eye on the outstanding debts which are dated in year 2016, because here the impending prescription is close, more precisely on 31.12.19. (regular prescription: 3 years)

In case you still have outstanding debts from 2016 and if you would like to protect it against prescription, the simplest and promising way is the judicial dunning procedure (assumed your customer is late with his payments).

The prescription does not start from the beginning with the judicial dunning procedure, but until the end of the action (obtainment of an enforcement order, from which for a period of 30 years the enforcement can be done), or a possible civil action, the expire date is interrupted anyway. (“inhibited”).

Important: The judicial dunning procedure is also reasonable if the pecuniary claim between you and your customer is controversial. If the claim is finally entitled and the court order is successful instantly, does not assume a role for the question of prescription. Already the discharging of the action, is sufficient to interrupt the expiring date. It should be considered that the application for the remission of a court order should arrive at the court on 31.12.2019 at the latest!

In the case of an impending prescription you should act fast.

Do you have further questions? We are pleased to support you. As a collection service we bill per application – independently of the amount of claim – a charge rate which is determined by the legislator.

We have a special offer until 18.12.2019: We gift you consulting time to identify outstanding debts and to answer your special personal questions via phone.

Please contact us via email at info@adrian-collection.com to arrange your personal appointment.


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