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Debt Collection-Letter of Legitimation
2. Debt Collection - Letter
Debt Collection by telephone
Insolvency Check
3. Debt Collection - Letter 
Establishing the environment 
Statistics upon agreement 
Success fee in % of the sum received9%5%2%
Discontinuance - flat rate39.00 € net
(Court proceedings right up to initiating an enforcement as agreed with client)
Application to issue a reminderCharges as per RVG
Cash expenses (court fees, bailiff charges)
(Gerichtskosten, Gerichtsvollzieherkosten)
1:1-charging-on of costs
Adversary proceedings - processed by contract attorney (RVG = statutory fees pursuant to the Lawyers' Compensation Act)Fees according to RVG
Insolvency declaration39.00 € net

(In case of receivables with an enforcement judgement which could not be realised so far, it is possible - upon agreement - to continue the monitoring debt collection)

40% success fee
Telephone advice (max. 20 minutes, once per customer)
free of charge
ABROADspecial conditions upon request

Debt collection

  • Out-of-court debt collection
  • Court collections
  • Reminder service
  • Registration to start insolvency proceedings
  • Analyses and evaluations


We do not consider ourselves to be “the knight in shining armour“ but we truly believe that it is of utmost importance to fight the causes right at the start.


Every now and then the business ambience requires us to adapt to situations unexpectedly or requests special expert knowledge in respect of large projects.

We enforce your claims!

You are located outside of Germany and have claims towards companies or private persons in Germany? We take care of this. We have already supported clients in the green marked countries.